Astronauts Dance to STRFKR

If you’ve never seen an astronaut crowd surf on a giant inflatable swan, you’re severely missing out.

On February 21, the mighty electronic indie rock band STRKFR touched down in Lawrence for a high caliber performance at the Granada Theatre. Along with pulsating synthesizers, outstanding rhythms and catchy guitar riffs, the weirdo group brought along dancing astronauts, aliens and more spectacle than the eye can capture.

For the unacquainted, the show was a wild ride into the eclectic side of indie rock. However, for the fans that know the schtick, STRKFR delivered just another stellar performance that they have become well-known for.

You come to a STRKFR show for the weirdness. You go to dance and to shake your rump to some fun, flickering beats with wispy vocals layered on top. You expect to see stunning lights. You expect to be taken to a place you’ve never been before. It’s like a right of passage.

The band touched down to Earth to the sounds of “Atlantis” a phenomenal single from their most buzz-worthy album to date, 2013’s Miracle Mile. From that point on, it was one big party. Dancing shoes tapped the dirty floor and arms swayed all around. The crowed swooned as if being lulled into an extraterrestrial love affair. The band began playing “Tape Machine” from their latest album Being No One, Going Nowhere. The party was in full effect.

STRKFR was met by a raucous audience and wild reception from the Lawrence crowd. Clearly, these were already initiated fans, because they came ready to party. Shaking off the cold weather and changing into something a little more comfortable, members of the crowd wore sequins, leotards, and sweaters adorned with hundreds of kittens  on it.

None of the hits STRKFR are known for went unplayed. They hit all the points of prominence in their hour-long set. They set off a small riot when they played “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” I’ve never seen more smiles during a song in my life. The joy was  purely radiant. “While I’m Alive” was also well-adored, but not as much as their closing song, “Leave It All Behind.” Everyone in the audience could barely contain their joy once this song came on. The night was encapsulated in this one, unifying jam. Performed by these weirdos from Portland.

Together, freaks and geeks alike, we danced all night like it was our ascension into space.