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Land of Talk: Life After Youth

Land of Talk’s fourth studio album came after a long seven year wait. Front person Elizabeth Powell’s superb songwriting is still present on this release but with added quality to the vocals and overall production. Some people desire more polished work–and if you are one of those people–this is an example of a good release. At times it comes off as boring and dragging, but there are a few all around solid tracks good for radio play. It may be far from the most interesting release of the year, but it is still a good reminder of the quality femme fronted music seen consistently produced this decade. Spiiiiiiin iiiiiit.

Recommended If You Like: Sharon Van Etten, Alvvays, Wye Oak, Now Now
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Loving), 7 (Inner Lover), 2 (This Time), 6 (Heartcore),
Do Not Play: FCC Clean
Written by Rachel Bennett on 07/07/2017