KJHK Q&A With Content Director, Jean-Jacques Corbier

Jean-Jacques Corbier

Grade: Senior

Major: Film and Media Studies

Position: Content Director





Carter: What does content director entail?


JJ: Basically, I’m the leader of the Content Bubble, compromised of the Multimedia Director, the Sports Director and the Arts & Culture Director. I also helm a volunteer staff, so when you first come to KJ(HK), you are assigned to that staff so you can learn what path you want to take. Content staff is a great way to figure that path out. I also curate the website, making sure there is a steady flow of content.

Carter: How did you get associated with KJHK?


JJ: So, Mason Kilpatrick, the previous station manager, and I were in a KU-based club called Filmworks at the time, and both being film majors he convinced me that Content staff as well as Multimedia staff are great places to start something in my own career path, and achieve my goals. I went to a meeting, and loved it. There was a vacant multimedia position, and became multimedia producer. The first in-studio I covered, the film was blurry the whole time, but since KJHK is made to be a learning experience, I wasn’t judged. Everyone’s really nice here and encouraging you to learn, so over time, I got better at the job. So if you want to come to KJHK, no one judges, they just help you learn.


Carter: How many hours a week do you work on things centric of KJHK?


JJ: I don’t know how many hours exactly, but I have 3-4 office hours every day. Other than that I just like being here, so I spend multiple hours here as well working, then I also have staff meetings that are 30 minutes to an hour. During office hours, I edit a lot of the content; I make sure everything looks fine before it’s published. I also edit a lot of photos, send emails to staff directors, or even reaching out to Lawrence locals about what events to cover.


Carter: What is your favorite part of the job?



JJ: Editing photos, but also being a part of Content Staff meetings. It’s great to get all of these personalities together in the room during the meeting makes a sort-of mixing pot of ideas and opinions towards our work, and really just any art in general. They also get my humor, so that’s a plus!


Carter: Now that you’re a Senior, what are some of the things you hope to take from the experience from when you first started, until you leave?


JJ: Leadership skills. This is the first time I’ve ever helmed a staff before, so this is a great experience for me, and how to lead other people who are the same age and even older than I am. I would like to become a director in the future, and learning how to lead people well is definitely key in that position.


Carter: Favorite specific moments from KJHK?


JJ: The past fall semester, the social media director and the program director and I had a talkshow segment. We would talk about the most random stuff. It would range from pickle preference to favorite concerts that we have attended. It was called Chicken Noodle Soup for your Earholes. For this current semester, definitely Farmer’s Ball. We put a lot of effort into making sure it was a great show, and it was rewarded by seeing it all come into fruition. Seeing all of those people show up, and it being accommodated with great music was awesome.


Carter: Any last words?


JJ: Content staff IS the best.

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