In Andrew Bayer’s new album In My Last Life, Bayer has no trouble finding the harmonic beats that create a melody of sweetness that makes floating in space feel like a rocky road. This American DJ’s “Trip Hop” creates a totally different feel from the original second album of Anjunabeats pres. Andrew Bayer 01, but still seems to create some ties to his first album It’s Artificial back in 2011.

Bayer starts this this electro house dubstep album with “Tidal Wave,” this into song creates an opening into the album and a doorway to “Love You More.” This song almost seem to mirror his early days in project Signalrunners where he first curated his masterful Dubstep accompaniment.

The opening produces a sprint with the increased beat “In My Last Life,” making “End of all things,” the total stopping point to the In My Last Life Adventure. The whole album creates a vortex of mixed beats and soft toned vocals of Alison May and Ane Brun that make the softness that can be the icing of this Electro cake. Bayer’s progressive movement towards bigger and better music is shown with his achievements and continuation to perfect the craft.

Recommended If You Like: Jaytech, Oliver Smith, Proff, Mat Zo, Nitrous Oxide, Myon
Recommended Tracks: 1(Tidal Wave), 4 (Hold On To You), 7 (Your Eyes)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Christian Toth on 09/17/2018

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