Hippo Campus: Bambi

Hippo Campus is set to release their second full length record this Friday, September 28th through Transgressive Records. This 10 track record includes singles “Bambi” and “Golden” which you can check out now.

These Minnesota natives take you on a trip through their collective consciousness in this album. The album packs of range of emotions in, romance, activism, and nostalgia to name a few.

Sultry romantic darkness takes over on track #6, “Think It Over”. So grab some candles and set the mood. The next song, “Bubbles” seems like the calm before the storm as it plays with interesting rhythms between the voice and electronic elements. But midway through the song, it sounds like a nuclear bomb drops with enough distortion to swim through.

“Honestly” has a tease of synth in the background that takes you into a nostalgic realm. There is no telling where it’ll take you, from that day you snuck wine water bottles into the park or the first day of fall two years ago.

“Golden” starts off with dark undertones but picks up quickly with harmonies and interesting instruments making you want to dance. The rolling beat of the drums make my hips lie for all the right reasons.

If you want overarching contemplation without any answers, then this is your album, but if you want active listening with resolve, I’d recommend further searching the stacks. Hippo Campus will be playing in Kansas City at the The Truman on January 25th.

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Recommended Tracks: Bambi (4), Think it Over (6), Golden (9)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Brian Locascio on 09/26/2018

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