Børns @ the Uptown Theatre

After idolizing Børns for a few years, I jumped at the opportunity to see him in concert. I have heard fabulous things from his shows in general, and he more than proved this to be true. To start, he had an incredible group called Twin Shadows. Their sweet tunes hypnotized the audience, the whole crowd singing and cheering regardless of whether or not they knew the words. The opener perfectly prepared the audience for Børns, as they got ready to preform their last song they said “This is our last song, but you’re here to see Børns!” which left the crowd excited.

Børns came out electric. His persona overwhelmed the crowd in the best ways, using charm and charisma to persuade the audience to dance to his sweet tunes. When he was given roses and daises by the crowd, he graciously accepted all of them, thanking them profusely. One thing that stuck out to me the most was how appreciative he was towards his fans and his band. When he left the stage, he made sure the he was the first to leave, giving the rest of his band the time to soak up the love and applause from the audience. He also took the time to make sure that every member got introduced and praised. His band has the most women in it that I’ve seen in a while, with a lady on drums, bass, and keys/vocals. His music sings praises of women, and his band reflects that. You can tell that he genuinely loves his team.

His constant dancing on the stage made him hard to photograph, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jumping from left to right, on and off the piano, it really helped develop the reality that he was up there doing what he loved. He used the lighting in the background to reflect the themes of each song he played, leaving no color out. His energy was flowing through the crowd, every single person had a smile on their face, their hands

up in the air, screaming along to his words. With some of the most romantic love songs, such as We Don’t Care, you could see the couples in the audience singing to each other, each one with the same love that Børns had intended.

One of his famous lyrics is “you really outdid yourself with this one”, and I think Børns was thinking of himself at Uptown Theatre. He put on a killer performance, and I cannot wait until he decides to return and grace us once again with his talent.

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