Peach Pit: Being So Normal

Peach Pit, a Vancouver, Canada based band made up of four best friends, is a young and lively band fully prepared to take over the world of indie music. Having only put out their first music in 2016, their EP Sweet FA (or Sweet F*** All), Peach Pit has quickly developed a local cult following. Peach Pit were signed to local Vancouver indie record label Kingfisher Bluez before the release of the release of Being So Normal, and within a year of the release of their first full length on September 9th, 2017, the album became the top selling record in the history of the label.

Peach Pit’s quick success is not coming as much of a surprise to their fans, as the unique sound that they have developed, along with their young/lazy aesthetic, energetic live shows, hilarious social media presence, and truly one-of-a-kind music videos were bound to make them viral sooner than later. In a 2017 interview with Bandsintown, Peach Pit self-proclaimed their music as “chewed bubble gum pop.” Perhaps an odd way to describe music, but after only one run through of Being So Normal and it starts to make perfect sense. Neil Smith (vocals/guitar) offers sweet, sultry vocals throughout the album, as Chris Vanderkooy (guitar) contributes some of the hottest, cleanest guitar solos imaginable. Peter Wilton (bass) and Mikey Pascuzzi (drums) provide the groovy backing that is essential to the lazy summer vibes which Peach Pit has so brilliantly built an identity around. While their unique sound had already been established in Sweet F.A., it is through Being So Normal that Peach Pit demonstrate their brilliant songwriting and ability to create a cohesive full length album.

From start to finish, the album is exciting, focused, and so (so so so so so…) clean. Starting out the album with their fastest track, “Drop the Guillotine,” Peach Pit makes it immediately clear that they aren’t your traditional alt-pop band–these guys can rock. Moving right to the next song, Peach Pit delivers what is perhaps the most comprehensive track on the album: the appropriately titled “Being so Normal.” The song not only provides a perfect example of their musical style by combining some of Neil’s purest vocals with a dazzling guitar solo by Chris, but also through the lyrical prowess it exhibits. The lyrics “but I grew my hair and you got tattoos” fully encompass and promote the lazy, laid-back vibe that Peach Pit radiates. While the feel of Being So Normal is focused, the narratives contained within each track are immensely diverse and deep, keeping the listener impatient for what could possibly come next. Subject matter of tracks on Being So Normal span all the way from a love interest (“Alrighty Aphrodite”), to a birthday party (“Tommy’s Party”), to the life of Elvis (Private Presley), to… well… weed (Hot Knifer). Peach Pit tells these stories–sometimes serious ones–with a fun and groovy twist that they can pull off like no one else.

With their ability to connect with young people in a way most musicians can’t fathom, Peach Pit is capable of sharing deep music with people and make them dance at the same time. Being So Normal is not just a call to young people, however. Peach Pit’s first full length is a call to lovers of guitar solos, soothing vocals, summer vibes, and/or lyrical genius to unite and dance. With a debut album as solid as Being So Normal, it’s hard to imagine anything slowing Peach Pit down.

Recommended If You Like: Hippo Campus, Mac DeMarco, Boy Pablo, Summer Salt, Andy Shauf
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Being so Normal), 4 (Alrighty Aphrodite), 6 (Not Me), 8 (Private Presley)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Quinn Leyda on 11/13/2018

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