What to Do When Your Boyfriend is Dating Thirty Other Women

Set yourself apart by blindfolding him the moment you meet.

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What better way to stand out than to appeal to his wild and mostly primal side? Let him know what might be waiting for him at the end of all this if he doesn’t choose you. Sure, it comes off as sexy, but it also shows him that you’re not above committing major crimes to get what you want.

Don’t mind the other women, try to get as much time as possible.

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You’re not here to make friends, honey. You’re here to get engaged for eight glorious months before you both decide you’re just not right for each other and get cast on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. And the way to do that is to put your face in front of his as much as possible so it’s fresh in his mind when he’s handing out those roses, otherwise he’ll forget you three seconds later when there’s a different face in front of him.

Sow discord in the house.

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Pick off the girls one-by-one by accusing them of being liars, alcoholics, and drug addicts. This plan is fool proof because if he doesn’t believe you, you can ask, “Why don’t you trust me?” And he will automatically rethink anything the other women have told him about you.

Get deep.

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“Life is like a lake: there’s the shallows and there’s the deep end. But if you stay in the shallows, all you catch are minnows. I don’t want minnows; I want to get deep.” That’s all it takes, ladies.

When getting deep scares him, cry.

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Are you seeing doubt in his eyes after you’ve failed to completely answer an important question? Turn on the waterworks. Men are terrified of water, especially tears. He’ll do anything to make them go away, but namely, he’ll give you the rose. Every. Single Time.

Trust the process.

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Remember, it’s scientifically proven that a man can make the right choice when surrounded by many very attractive women competing for his love and other things. Nothing could possibly cloud his judgment, so don’t let skepticism of the process cloud yours.

Cry some more. Let him know you’re falling in love with him. 

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Add an “I’m falling in love with you” to your tear-time routine. There’s no way he’ll turn down such a “real”, “raw”, and “emotional” boost to his ego. Get that ring finger ready, girl.

Get the rose.

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Simply receive a rose.

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