KJHK Stuck @ Home: Contest Submission Showcase ! Pt. 1

We asked you to share your music with us–and you did! KJHK is so grateful that this radio community keeps the music going, even during difficult times. These original songs range from folk to electronica to something called “Super Sonic Pudding Pop.”

Here are the first round of submissions to KJHK’s Stuck @ Home. For ease of access, we compiled all the submissions in this YouTube Playlist.

We will be announcing the winner soon, so keep a close eye on KJHK’s social media!

“Porch Light” by Faith Maddox


“Never Knew” by Apollo Sitting Up


“PT. 1” by DFITD

“Can you be my girl” by Hello Stranger

“She Hates Love Songs” by Anson the Ornery

“Tundra” by Kid Computer


“2020 Visions” by Galactique Acid


“No Thanks” by True Lions


“Foot Cream (working title)” by The Headaches