The Signs as Lawrence Coffee Shops

written by Fengxue Zhang and Madelynn Kurtz

Aries: Java Break

Aries are natural born leaders of the zodiac, and Java Break remains one of the oldest coffee shops in Lawrence. Bold and original, Aries need a space that allows them to do their thing, whether that’s chatting outside on a nice day, playing board games with a date, or studying till midnight. Java Break’s bright colors, unique decoration, and strange labyrinth of rooms definitely fit with this fire sign’s spontaneity. Unconcerned with how others may perceive them, Aries are often seen as opinionated and eccentric. Similarly, Java Break’s famous graffiti room and unique menu (featuring a cereal bar, Italian sodas, and unique coffee recipes) show that they’re always going to be playing by their own rules.

To support Java Break during this time, you can order curbside pick-up or to-go or visit its website to buy an online gift card.

Taurus: Alchemy

Nolan Donovan via Google

An earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, a Taurus loves beauty, pleasure and stability. Stubborn as a mountain goat, their particular tastes and a need for aesthetic fulfillment make the sign a perfect match with Alchemy. The hanging plants, bronze, and medium brown woodwork will bring a sense of grounded-ness to help you tackle any task. Taurus are known to be the “builders” of the zodiac, faithfully producing all that is beautiful, nourishing, or pleasurable in life. Alchemy, with their home-crafted cold brew and an open view of their spacious bakery, exemplify the Taurus do-it-yourself spirit.

To support Alchemy, visit its new drive thru on 6th & Monterrey or check out Alchemy’s website for a free shipping code!

Gemini: McLain’s Market

As a Gemini, you can fit in with a lot of different crowds, so you need a space that can welcome each and every one — because why should you have to pick and choose? The Gemini-born are also intellectually inclined, always probing people and places in search of more information. McClain’s Market, located conveniently next to KU’s campus, is the meeting place for many of the university’s intellectuals from all areas of study. With an airy, open concept and secret book nooks, McClain’s has proved itself to be an adaptable place for a wide range of personalities and events. With a full coffee bar, bar bar, restaurant, and bakery menus, McLain’s has whatever you need to host that study session, club meeting, open mic, Sunday brunch, or even a poetry reading.

You can support McLain’s by purchasing a digital gift card here.

Cancer: La Prima Tazza

The water sign Cancer is all about home and family. And La Prima Tazza, Lawrence’s oldest coffee shop, fosters comfort and connectivity. Cancer-born are intuitive and protective, and like La Prima Tazza, provide a space that feel safe and comforting to many of its loyal friends. The European-style cafĂ©’s large glass windows allow anyone passing to look inside, much like the way Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeve. The smaller space promotes focus and introspection. Looking to get away from stressful distractions and get some serious work done? Or have a long, intimate conversation with a friend? La Prima Tazza is for all of that and more–a definite ‘home away from home’ for many.

To support La Prima Tazza, stop by and order to-go (only if you’re wearing masks) and keep an eye on its instagram.

Leo: Decade

(Credit: Mina Nguyen via Google)

Master of first-impressions and always equipped with a flair of drama, Leos need a bright and unique place to feel classy, sassy, and motivated. Decade’s abundance of windows, beautiful ambiance, and sophisticated menu is exactly the vibe for the vibrant, passionate Leo. A sunny and energetic cafe, it’s a place where Leos can envision most ambitious goals, have a great first date, or share their abundance of ideas. Decade is artistic, confident, and dedicated, and like the sun-ruled Leo, it’s presence is always made known.

You can visit Decade’s square site to order your favorite coffee drinks, teas, and baked goods to-go.

Virgo: Z’s Divine Espresso

Virgos are known for being industrious, methodical, and efficient. With a strong sense of duty, they will always work for the greater good. A Virgo needs a space where they can get the job done without distractions and that has a culture of sustainability, so Z’s Divine Espresso is an exact match. Family owned and operated, Ze’s is committed to providing the community with certified, organically grown coffee. They also support sustainable, quality, and environmentally friendly crop production around the world. With two locations — one on 23rd and Harper and one on 31st by Target — you have a place to work no matter what side of town you’re on. Without the usual aesthetic frills of other coffee shops, Z’s is highly functional and reflects the Virgo spirit of diligence and hard-work.

You can visit Z’s for some of its divine coffee drinks or beans at either drive thru. Check out Z’s Facebook and website for more information.

Libra: 1900 Barker


The clean minimalism of 1900 Barker is exactly what a Libra needs to feel at home. A sign that focuses on balance, harmony, and beauty, Libras are a unifying force in their community. Similarly, 1900 Barker strikes a distinctive balance between amazing artisan-crafted bread and coffee, maintaining a strong sense of community, and a space that fosters both individual focus and great conversation. Inclusive and sensitive, Libras are concerned very much with justice and fairness. Similarly, 1900 Barker’s open layout provides sense of openness between the staff and costumers. Transparent about their ingredients and processes, and dedicated to the aesthetics of both their products and space, 1900 Barker embodies the sign’s love for peace and community.

1900 Barker is currently taking carry-out orders via its square site and pick-up at the front window.

Scorpio: Henry’s

Sean Passmore via Google

Let’s face it, we all know that Henry’s is Scorpio with it’s grungy, dim, and apologetically mystical space. Mysterious, intuitive, and powerful, Scorpios often have a potent, all-encompassing emotional life. Similarly, Henry’s is unlike any other coffee shop in Lawrence. With late hours and a second-level bar flooded with a dim, neon glow, it’s a place of discovery and soul. Scorpios are uniquely creative, dedicated to the point of obsession, and magnetic in nature. Henry’s taps into the dark, solitary side of the Scorpio, looking to work without being bothered by the passing time, and also the social, influential side with the bar upstairs. While Scorpios are more likely to keep to themselves, they are also deeply empathetic and compassionate, and are deeply loyal to those they love. Henry’s also, while outwardly strange and unique in aesthetics, fosters community in unlikely ways.

Henry’s is currently temporarily closed in order to best adhere to CDC guidelines, but you can Like them on Facebook to get updates!

Sagittarius: The Bourgeois Pig


Optimistic, confident, and strong-willed, those with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are truth-seekers, and are keenly interested in philosophy and religion. With the same energy, the Bourgeois Pig is the place where Lawrence locals with big ideas come to chat and debate the pros and cons of our current system. The Pig, with it’s highly social atmosphere, is perfect for long discussions into the night. The tight, dark-wooded space is perfect for dates, study sessions, and plotting the revolution — and when weather permits, you can do it all outside. A Sagittarius’s love for change and adventure can be satisfied with The Pig’s creative and expansive menu of coffee and liquor. For a Sagittarius, there is no better place to unwind and tell stories of a long, exciting journey, from past, present, or future.

The Bourgeois Pig is temporarily closed to adhere to CDC and state guidelines, but you can support your favorite baristas and bartenders by ordering batched cocktails online and donating to their GoFundMe. Like its Facebook page to get the recipes for your favorite drinks.

Capricorn: The Roost

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Capricorns are all about hard work. Family-oriented and tradition-loving Capricorns find their best coffee spot at The Roost, where they can meet up with friends and family for brunch, lunch, or a coffee and a stroll down Mass Street. The Roost sets itself apart with a full coffee bar while still making you feel right at home with classic breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes. Typically early-risers, a breakfast place with a full coffee bar is the perfect place for the ambitious, realistic, and pragmatic sign. The Roost, always a consistent and reliable option for every morning/afternoon, and like Capricorns, are committed to the responsibility they have to their communities.

The Roost is currently doing no-contact carry out orders from 7 am to 2 pm (call 785-843-1110 or 785-843-1149 to place your order). You can also support your favorite baristas, cooks, and servers by donating to the Lawrence Restaurant Association’s Hospitality Workers Relief Fund.

Aquarius: Signs of Life

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Aquarius-born are known for being humanitarian, philanthropic, and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Aquarius’s are unique and a bit enigmatic, and so is Sign’s of Life with a business culture quite different than almost any other coffee shop in town. The large storefront windows and yellow walls provide plenty of literal and figurative light, but if you’re feeling more elusive, you can stake out a spot in the second-floor art gallery or peruse the shelves on the bookstore side. Those under this sign have an affinity for abstract thought that allows them to examine problems and innovate new solutions, but also a need to engage in intellectual debates with others. At Signs of Life, their carefully selected books and paintings are there to inspire discussions about truth, life, and religion. The coffee shop serves as the social center that brings those discussions together.

Signs of Life is currently closed but you can check out its website for some new reads and follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date!

Pisces: Repetition


Pisces tend to be selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey. So as a Pisces, sometimes the best space for you is, well, away from everyone else. But just because you need some time alone doesn’t mean you don’t provide for the community in other ways. Compassionate and empathetic, Pisces are wired to offer spiritual and artistic gifts to the world–and nothing brings fourth a spiritual awakening than the wondrous smell of coffee beans roasted by Repetition Coffee. Not only do they roast a variety of coffee beans for so many establishments around the Lawrence and Kansas City area (including the Bourgeois Pig and The Roost), they also provide community cupping events, sell coffee beans at the local farmers market, and support sustainable coffee farms around the world. If coffee is your religion, Repetition Coffee is your spiritual guide.

You can buy Repetition beans and merch via its website for free delivery in Lawrence and Topeka! Check out its Facebook for more information.

Correction 31 May 2020: previous version stated Alchemy’s new location as temporary.

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