Daniel Avery: Love + Light

Following up his album in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini, Daniel Avery hits us again with another album in 2020. Illusion of Time is a testament to drone music, and Avery solidifies his musical prowess with certain tracks on Love + Light, however this time he wanted to show his versatility as a producer and does so effortlessly. About half of the tracks on the album are drone and ambient while the other half are stemming from different subgenres of electronic music: house, techno, breakbeat, etc. The key to my heart when it comes to electronic albums is songs like this that cover all bases and give a diverse set of sounds while the artist simultaneously creates their own personal sound—Daniel Avery does exactly that with Love + Light.

On tracks like “Darlinnn” we feel this constant buildup and the listener cannot help but bob their head the entirety of the track. Meanwhile, “Dusting For Smoke” takes off right away. This track holds back no punches and is a great way to set the mood for the remainder of the album. After that Avery does not waste any time and delivers another upbeat track with “Dream Distortion.” The title of this track fits the sound perfectly. This track feels like a distorted exploration throughout one’s own sporadic dreams. The track that got me especially excited about this album was “Searing Light, Forward Motion.” My only complaint about the song, as well as the whole album in general, is that it isn’t longer, which isn’t a horrible complaint to find yourself having. As an electronic fan and percussionist, this song is right up my alley. Fans of Aphex Twin and Christoph de Babalon will enjoy this one too.

No matter the type of electronic song, this album as a whole speaks for itself. Those who are longtime electronic fans can dive right in and are bound to find something they love. Those who are looking to get more into electronic need not look any further—Love + Light is easily one of the best electronic releases of the year and holds up alongside other classic electronic projects as well.

Recommended If You Like: Apex Twin, Four Tet, Christoph de Babalon
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Dream Distortion), 7 (Searing Light, Forward Motion), 5 (Darlinnn)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Griffin Lowry on 07/18/2020