World College Radio Day, and why I love it

Erin Bugee

It’s that time again to celebrate our little niche of a holiday and reflect on not only KJHK’s accomplishments but the essence of all college radio stations. This year has been nothing but an uphill battle to maintain a radio station amidst a pandemic. However, like all good things, college radio seems to be prevailing once again. 


An outdated media source to most, college radio possesses a determination and defiance by the students and staff who run it. Radio has had to compete with the intervention of the compact disc, internet, mobile phones, and even music streaming. With the capability to access any song with the touch of a finger you would think radio wouldn’t stand a chance. Against all odds, college radio stations nationally and globally are chugging through it.


These past couple months I have been curious how other college radio stations have been operating. I was fortunate to get in touch with Harrison Zeiberg, Vice President of Wheaton College Radio (WCCS) in Massachusetts and interview with him about running a radio station during a pandemic (Check out the entire article here: Surviving a Pandemic: A College Radio Perspective). I found talking with him to be reassuring, because though we are many states away, the energy to keep a radio station alive was still strong.


I also had the opportunity to connect with several other college radio stations over a zoom call set up by Shane Wells from Kenyon College Radio (WKCO) in Ohio. Yet again, it was a great first meeting, connecting other college students with a similar passion. It was a delight getting to meet other students behind college radio, like Skylar Batz, President of JWULIVE in Providence, RI. 


“I just came into the position as president in the summer of 2020,” Batz said. “It has been a long ride trying to figure out the ins and outs of how to run a radio station remotely for our team. But we have done it! We are up and running!”


The one positive note I have from this pandemic is that it has given me the opportunity to connect with others outside of KJHK and Lawrence…even if it is just on a Zoom call. College radio is still alive, so let’s celebrate. 


Check out the stream for the World College Radio Day 24 Hour Marathon, featuring different radio stations each hour from all over the world! 

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