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Full Metal Jacket

Armor Piercing Sounds

[[Don’t Skip the Opening Acts]]

Although listing to digital music recordings fulfills the day-to-day need for preference-stimulating audio, live music excites your ears to a whole new level. When searching for concerts and shows to attend, most simply find specific bands they know of and like, note the time and date, and purchase their tickets. But take this into consideration: the artists that accompany those well-known bands are likely to cater to a similar, if not the same, audience. Yes, you want to see the big names because they generally produce excellent sound and display exceptional showmanship, but why not give the unknown a try? Show up when the doors open. Listen to the supporting acts.

Local bands often get included in the line-up but their names are not published. Many artists you may see are in the developing stages of becoming above-average; some artists are profoundly more advanced despite their lack of notoriety. You may just discover that your new favorite band is the future of your respective music scene. Take pride in knowing that you found something other people will enjoy. Tell your friends, tell your wife, tell your husband too. If the artist is truly the cream of the crop, their sound and message will resonate in the ears of others. More publicity equals more money for a band. I’m not suggesting that they just want to bathe in it, but rather that funding is vital for a lesser-known outfit to produce and record what they want to. You’ll never know if you like or dislike something unless you give it a try, yeah?


Written by Evan McDermot. Tune into Full Metal Jacket Tuesdays at 10pm on 90.7fm KJHK.