Sales: Sales EP

Sales-Sales-EPSales, a duo formed by musicians Laura Morgan and Jordan Shih, are breaking out and moving up with their first cohesive work, a self-titled, 6 track minimalist guitar pop EP. For a group that has only released a handful of singles, these two have a mature, developed sound and perfectly balanced contributions of snyth, minimalist picked guitar parts, drum kits/misc. percussion programming, and distinctly emotional vocals. They’ve got that no-nonsense vibe paired with dreamy vocals that seems to be topping charts right now. This is all topped off with, in my opinion, wonderful post production work, and a keen eye to detail in the smallest moments of their songs (i.e: the glitches in “Getting it On” or the beautiful, loopy lo-fi acoustic guitar of “Renee”).

My only qualms with this album are that the lyrics tend to underwhelm, and there isn’t an overarching theme that can be found in these tracks. But for a first release, and for an EP, I think that can be forgiven. Even if SALES continues to write lyrics the way they do, their killer low-fi vibes will continue to be pleasing for many folks’ earholes. I’m excited to see what comes next from these two; there’s much in store for Sales.

Bonus cherry on top: the EP wraps up with a suhweet remix from XXYYXX. Check it out.

Recommended If You Like: Sylvan Esso, Tegan and Sara, TV Girl, Alvvays
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Renee [this one is VERY Sylvan Esso, it’s wonderful]), 4 (Getting It On)
Do Not Play: Nada
Written by Kayci Lineberger on 05/01/2015

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