Low Cut High Tops: Eh, Whatever

Low Cut High TopsDavid Burns, a Seattle art school dropout, has somehow managed to do everything wrong and make it sound good. His high-pitched voice belts out angsty, almost meaningfully lyrics in a way that is just aggravating enough to make you want more.

“I’ve never sung before, played guitar, or really recorded any organic instruments. I want to show people that one person with an unusual voice can make a great rock record all by himself,” Burns said of Eh, Whatever; an album recorded in his bedroom.

The music is often redundant and simplistic, sounding like someone threw pop and punk into a blender with a good dose of neurosis to mix it up a bit. It is hard not to tap your feet to the catchy tunes as David whines brokenheartedly about his experiences with women, sometimes wailing discordantly on his guitar. He has skillfully turned painful music into something you want to listen to.

Recommended If You Like: Avi Buffalo, The Smashing Pumpkins, Chad VanGaalen

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Let’s Runaway)

Do Not Play: 10 (Dumb Ol Kid)

Written by Lance Faegenburg on 02/15/16