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Pageantry from Austin, TX stopped into KJHK September 15th and performed 4 songs.

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

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Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes stopped by KJHK on September 9th, 2013 to perform 4 songs.


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Indiana band Native stopped by KJHK March 11th and performed four songs. 

Yonder Mountain String Band

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Yonder Mountain String Band visited KJHK February 28th and performed four songs before performing at Liberty Hall later that night.

Slightly Stoopid Interview


Ryan “Rymo” Moran of Slightly Stoopid called in Monday March 4th to talk about their show at Liberty Hall this Wednesday night.

Tyler Gregory & The Bootleg Band

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Tyler Gregory & The Bootleg Band performed three songs at KJHK December 11th.  

Pink Royal

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Local band Pink Royal performed five songs at KJHK December 3rd.

Netherfriends Returns

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Chicago artist Netherfriends returns to play two songs from his 50 States project. Including home of KJHK; Lawrence, KS. 


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Local band Squirt performed five songs at KJHK.


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Kansas City rapper STEDDY P. visited KJHK November 26th and performed three songs off of his new album. Set List 1. Planet Erupts 2. Wait A Minute 3. End of the World Party   Check out more in-studios from Live @ KJHK by subscribing to our YouTube Channel: KJHKLive from michael engelken originally aired thursday november 26th , 2012