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Rate My Professor

This week’s theme dives into the world of professors and the quirky stories they have to tell.

Rate My Professor was originally aired Sept. 6

A staple in any college town are the people teaching at the University, spending their days making lesson plans, lecturing, researching and mentoring the thousands of students on campus. This week on Ad Astra, we found the KU professors with the most interesting stories to tell. Listen to the full show below.

Segment 1: Questions on the street

Claire McInerny starts off the show by asking students around campus how they choose a professor when enrolling and what makes a good teacher.

Segment 2: New Teachers

The first day of any job is terrifying, but what is it like to stand up in front of a classroom and try to get through to a group of college students? Claire McInerny and Harry Garrett talked a few first year teachers at KU.

Segment 3: Strange occurrences in and out of the classroom

Jack Feigh tracked down some of the teachers with the quirkiest teaching habits and practices.

Segment 4: Practice what you teach

When it comes to a really good professor, experience in the field is a great asset, and Jahmal Clemons talks with one professor in the womens, gender and sexuality department about his personal experiences in the field.

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