Frankie Cosmos: Fit Me In

Fresizedrankie Cosmos’ new 4 track EP Fit Me In is a wonderful, energetic move forward for the group. Fit Me In  was constructed with electronic instrumentation instead of the full band sound of their rad first release, 2014’s Zentropy. Lead vocalist Greta Kline is joined on this EP by longtime collaborator Aaron Maine of PORCHES. The absence of Frankie Cosmos members David Maine and Gabrielle Smith, who worked on Zentropy, is noticed, but Aaron and Greta do wonderfully alone creating a new synth infused indie pop sound.

Fit Me In contains the layered vocals and eccentric lyricism that made Zentropy so comforting and entrancing. It’s reminiscent of Lawrence local La Guerre’s vocal work, combined with Homeshake’s oozy reverb filled guitar and Girlpool’s mindful balance of delicacy and drive. The tiny snippet of a song, “Sand” is the shortest track on the EP, but has driving bass and snyth layered under arguably adorable vocals about a new relationship unfolding. “Young” has synth sounds similar to Sand, but it has more time to unfold and develop, lyrically and instrumentally.

At only seven and a half minutes, Fit Me In isn’t something that will melt your face and shake you to the core. But it’s sweet, enjoyable, and sending Frankie Cosmos in an exciting direction.

Reccomended If You Like: Girlpool, Alvvays, La Guerre, Homeshake

Reccomended Tracks: 4 (Sand), 2 (Young), 3 (O Contest Winner), 1 (Korean Food)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Kayci Lineberger on 11/16/15

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