KU Gun Safety

Discussion About Weapons on Campus

On Tuesday, December 8, Michael Williams, the University Senate President, held a discussion about  upcoming changes to the Kansas State law. According to Williams, the University of Kansas adheres to the Personal and Family Protection ordinance. The revisions to this law will permit concealed carry weapons in buildings throughout campus. Beginning on July 1, 2017, the signs currently prohibiting firearms in buildings will expire.

Williams also defined various terms related to this topic, such as “handgun,” “concealed carry,” “adequate security measures” and “discreet security areas.” He discussed how these ideas relate to the  law and how they affect the university. For example, adequate security measures involve practices  like the installment of metal detectors at every entrance. Williams admitted that these measures cost a great deal of money, so KU will focus on other measures for the time being. The administration plans to incorporate discreet security areas, which provide specific, gun-free zones throughout the campus.

Williams then opened up the floor for questions and comments from the audience. Question topics ranged from the gun policy in dorms to the plans for response in the event of a campus shooting and the relationship between the new policy and the prevention of suicides by guns.

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