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Flipping Pages with The 7th Sword #1


On the human colony world of Helios, Daniel Cray has been working as a mercenary for gas transports, protecting the precious cargo from criminals. On his current assignment he has a couple of green guards with him. When their tanker is attacked by Miner-matics (androids built for deep mining on the planet), the new kids have a lot to deal with, as three of these robots approach from multiple sides.

7th Sword KJHKCray defends the truck with his sword, while the others fight them off with guns. Things go south for one of them as she decides to fire her flamethrower after one Miner-matic has nicked the tank. Gas is spilling out and there is a major explosion. Cray and the other guard are blown clear of the site and survive. When Cray regains consciousness, he buries his sword and begins to carry the boy into the desert. After some wandering, Cray is exhausted and collapses only to be found and dragged away by some shadowy figures.

When Cray wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital bed being questioned by two official gentlemen.  It turns out that he has been found and taken to the reclusive City of ZenZion, a legendary city to many who do not believe it to exist.  Cray is accused of being a spy and taken to a council meeting to determine his fate. During this meeting is when things get complicated for Cray and the City of ZenZion.

The 7th Sword is an interesting mix of Science Fiction and the Samurai story. Based on a distant planet, after major civil wars and rebellion. There are major power struggles that are brought up, as neighboring cities and regions are vying for the limited resources. The 7th Sword seems to be a nice mashup of “Mad Max” and “Into the Badlands.”

7th SwordCray is a rare warrior in the fact that he uses a sword instead of a gun to fight robots.  The 7th Sword was created and written by John Raffo, who has written several movies such as “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.” This is his first story written originally as a comic. The art was done by Nelson Blake II, who has worked with Image Comics on books such as Witchblade.

Raffo’s dialogue is well paced and and brings the characters to life, which probably stems from him writing for film, as dialogue is one of the biggest components of writing a screenplay, and making it believable. Blake’s art is great and makes each panel pop with life and death in some. The two really work well together in a cohesive unit to tell this story and it should be exciting to see what is next.

Title: The 7th Sword
Issue: No. 1
Publisher: Darby Pop/ IDW / Magnetic Press
Release Date: Feb 17, 2016
Rating: 15+