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Flipping Pages with Army of Darkness: Furious Road #1

The Deadites are at it again in “Army of Darkness: Furious Road,” taking place twenty years from “now,” when the Deadites and their army have thoroughly destroyed western civilization. An uprising in monsters has also taken place, with vampires, werewolves, and the like sprouting up all over the place. Their presence comes with an uneasy alliance with the humans, to fight the Army of Darkness.

We open on Eva (the daughter of Dracula), Frankenstein’s monster, and others in her ragtag gang, driving through the city. They are on the mission to find a certain book. They come into conflict with a couple attacks along the way, which drives the story.

 AOD CoverFinally, they arrive at their destination, a very familiar looking store, with the shopping carts made into a barricade. The crew makes it inside the barricade, only to be attacked my more Deadites. During the entertaining battle, a life needs to be saved by a man with a chainsaw attached to his right hand, and a “boom stick” in his left. Eva has to remind Ash as to who she is, and tells him why they are there.

The story starts a little slow but that usually comes with the first issue in order to set up the universe. The series is going to be a limited run of only five issues. The opening issue is a fun and action packed continuance to the Evil Dead series and other comics. The main characters do not seem to involve Ash, but rather focuses instead on Eva and her group of monsters. It does seem likely that Ash will join them on their adventure to stop the Deadites, which satisfies the desire of Evil Dead fans.

AOD AshNancy Collins is the writer for this series, who is a horror novelist who has worked on other comic series, such as “Swamp Thing,” and “Jason vs. Leatherface.” She is very well aware of how to handle the horror genre quite well, and it shows. The dialogue is witty but knows how play serious when needed. She also has Ash’s character portrayed correctly, as an egotist always looking out for himself.

The art is done by Kewber Baal, who is also a veteran in horror comics, having worked on many issues such as “Jennifer’s Blood.” Baal’s art certainly has a gritty and dark tone to it that is great for this type of series. Overall, the two of them have done a great job at continuing a comic based off of a cult classic.

Title: Army Of Darkness: Furious Road
Issue No: #1
Publisher: Dynamite
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Rating: 15+