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Flipping Pages with Faith #3

Faith Valiant Comics“Faith” is a new series that follows the relatively new superhero, Zephyr, as she attempts to go solo. She had previously been a part of a team known as the Renegades, where she was in a relationship with fellow teammate, Torque. Zephyr is also known as Faith Herbert, a girl who was orphaned after a car accident and raised by her grandmother, before developing superpowers due to being a psiot.

In the series, a Psiot is a human born with the potential to develop great powers. When her powers were activated, she gained the power of flight, as well as a telekinetic companion field that allows her and allows her to move things with her mind. Now that she has left the Renegades and Torque, she is living in Los Angeles and working at Zipwire (think Buzzfeed) under the name, Summer Smith.

Faith Valiant ComicsShe is not your typical hero. First of all, everyone knows her real identity, not the new secret identity she is using to work. Second, she is a plus-size woman, and she does not fit into the stereotypical body image for a female superhero. She also sports a very practical outfit. The costume covers her body and seems like it was made specifically for her and her power set. She is also part of nerd culture, as she grew up reading comics, watching science fiction movies and television, and many other activities that fall into those categories. This leads to rememberable quotes from Faith.

In this issue, Faith has been working on a case with friend and hacker, @x, to locate a missing kid who also happens to be on the list of potential psiots, created by the villain that the Renegades took down. Unfortunately for Faith, the people behind the kidnappings know who she is and where she is working. This leads to the issue, opening with three armed goons attacking Zipwire.

Faith (as Summer) is meeting with her editor when they attack. Faith is hesitant about fighting them and revealing her identity in the process. Luckily for her coworkers, she decides to fight and ends up stopping the goons by having them blowing themselves up. The rest of the issue deals mainly with the fallout of her revealing her identity to her coworkers. One wishes to out her, as he sees himself as a journalist. However, he is quickly reminded that he is a content writer for Zipwire and not a journalist. He does not have the ethical obligation to reveal the truth about Zephyr. Later in the issue, Faith is asked to do an interview with one of her favorite actresses, which turns into a major opportunity for her.

Faith Valiant Comics“Faith” is being written by Jody Houser, who has worked on the comic adaption of “Orphan Black,” with art by Marguerite Sauvage, (DC Comics’ “Bombshells”) and Francis Portela (“Green Lantern”). Portela does the art for the majority of the book, which is quite compelling. It is standard quality for comic book art. There is nothing too fancy or “out there.” Sauvage deals mainly with the fantasy sequences that Faith has throughout the series. For this issue, it deals with meeting her favorite actress and becoming best friends. Her art is great, as it differs greatly from Portela’s, which is crucial for fantasy scenes. Overall, this is a solid issue near the beginning of what is likely to be a great series.




Title: Faith
Issue No. 3
Publisher: Valiant
Release Date: March 30, 2016
Rating: 12+