a3888403703_16The always lovely pop rock group from Lawrence, Toughies, have been busy, releasing an EP this spring with four new brand new tracks titled Sweet Dream, after just releasing the six song EP Tough Enough last year. In this new release Toughies have sweetened and softened from their previous indie rock n’ roll vibe. To say the least, it sounds pretty fantastic. With this fresh new style they’ve written a tender collection of summer tunes that capture their heartfelt lyrics beautifully.

The EP jumps out of the gate with the spitefully swung track “Stone Cold” and slow burns all the way into the poppiest song of the album, “Closer To Heaven.” Out of the smolder of a driving guitar solo and crying vocals, the second track “Tuesday” arrives, revealing Toughies’ gentle side and acting as the staple of the EP. The most surprising song  is the last track, titled “Closer to Heaven.” Having been a fan of Toughies rowdy live shows after seeing them several times, it was stunning to hear a track so delicate and lovely, much in the same vein as “Tuesday.” Sweet Dream is a four track EP that can be spun over and over again; get out there, check it, and support your fellow Lawrencians, Toughies!

Recommended If You Like: Father John Misty, Flight of the Conchords, Devendra Banhart

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Tuesday), 4 (Closer to Heaven), 1 (Stone Cold)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Kerry Thomas on 04/12/16

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