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Flipping Pages with The Fix #1

The Fix KJHKThe Fix starts off with two criminals breaking into a retirement home, to steal money from a former crook, who is claimed still has his stash on him. At least the narrator, Roy, is honest right up front when he says it is hard being a criminal nowadays. With all the technology and cyber crimes out there, old fashioned criminals really get the short end of the stick and that is what Roy and his partner are, the old fashioned type: the ones who enjoy breaking in and stealing physical things, not the kind who hack accounts and steal identities. The job goes a little south, and they end up running out of the home with only a small amount of cash and some raunchy Polaroids. The two of them are laughing and joking about the job, when suddenly the radio in their car butts in with a report of a robbery. Roy and his partner answer the call and go to the scene, which is their own robbery. I may have forgotten to mention that they are cops (detectives, actually) who are very corrupt. They use their position to rob and do basically whatever they please. The way that Roy and his partner jokingly ask questions when investigating (that would make anyone think they are the suspects in the robbery) is spectacular. For example: asking if the suspect was roughly the same height as one of them.

Next, there is a flashback that goes into the reasons behind why Roy got into law enforcement. Which stems from his always rooting for the bad guys in Westerns and such. Then one day, while he and his mom were at the bank, it was robbed and he found the coolest bad guy ever…until a cop showed up and shot him. This was when he figured out what was better than being a bad guy was being a cop, who could use their power to break the rules whenever they wanted.

The Fix KJHK

Back to the present: turns out, Roy and his partner owe money to a guy named Josh, who is your stereotypical “Los Angeles type”: vegan, anti-vaccinations, homeopathic, but also a mob boss. Josh organizes a meeting with them to talk about the unauthorized job they just pulled and also the fact that they are overdue with their repayment to him. Josh wants everything settled before he and his family go on vacation, and in an effort to help them repay him he gives them one job: to get some contraband through the LAX Airport’s customs. Roy states this “would have been easy” if a new officer had not started to work there. This officer cannot be corrupted or bought, and he goes by the name Pretzels. He has gotten over six hundred arrests the previous year resulting in the seizure of two tons of contraband.

The Fix KJHKThe Fix is written by Nick Spencer, who has worked on titles such as Morning Glories and Secret Avengers. It is illustrated by Steve Lieber, who as worked on titles such as Whiteout and Detective Comics. The two also worked together on the title The Superior Foes of Spider-Man for Marvel, which is evident in the flow that is seen in The Fix. Spencer’s writing is on point at every turn.  Lieber’s art is great it has a sketchy quality to it. I think this lends itself well to the genre of crime comics, while also creating a lightness to the work that really makes it feel like California. Overall, this a great start to what appears to be a wonderful story. If it is anything like Spencer’s work on Morning Glories, it will be incredible.


Title: The Fix
Issue No. 1
Publisher: Image
Release Date: 4/6/2016
Rating: 17+