Off the Mic: Ethan Graham

Off the Mic

Ethan Graham Off the MicName: Ethan Graham
DJ Shift: Jazz In The Morning (Wednesdays, 6-9AM)
Other KJHK Contributions: Content Staff (comic reviews and Off the Mic interviewer), Multimedia Staff, Music Staff, rotation DJ, Hip Hop Hype DJ
Year in School: Senior
Majors: Creative Writing, Classical Languages
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobbies: Reading comic books, video games, playing Dungeons and Dragons
Favorite TV Show: Power Rangers

Ethan Graham Off the MicEllie Fehlig: How did you hear about KJHK?
Ethan Graham: It was through Jake Waters. At the time, he was Assistant Music Director and we were living in the same dorm.
EF: He just said, “Hey, you should join?”
EG: I do not remember what the conversation was. We were talking about something and he brought up KJ and I was like, “Huh, I wanted to join that,” and he said, “You should come to a Music Staff meeting.” So I did.┬áSo I started Music Staff and then worked my way into DJing.
EF: And the rest is history.
EG: Yes.
EF: So, I guess you already answered this but why did you decide to join?
EG: Because it is fun. It is the best place to be. I have made so many good friends at KJ and I have had a lot of good experiences shooting live performances, going to shows and all that kind of good stuff.

Ethan Graham Off the MicEF: What kinds of things have you learned or realized about yourself because of KJ?
EG: I am not a morning person. I enjoy doing Jazz In The Morning shifts but I do not like waking up early enough to walk here. I would rather be asleep. So much coffee goes into my body after I am done.
EF: See, I could not do that because I do not drink coffee. I am a Desk Assistant right now at a dorm so I work the really late shifts and the really early morning shifts and it is difficult. I know how you feel. Do you have a favorite memory from KJ? There can be several. It does not have to be just one.
EG: I have had a lot of good ones. Oh, this one goes back to my very first show actually. I was DJing 2-4AM in the mornings on Mondays. Again, not a good shift but it was my very first one. First show, about 30 minutes in, I got a phone call from a guy driving back in to Lawrence and he was like, “You know, I was having a really bad week and the song you just got done playing made my week,” and I was like, “Yesss.” So, day one, top of the charts.

Ethan Graham Off the MicEF: What is your favorite thing about DJing?
EG: Being in charge. Being in charge of the music. People call and they request and usually I do my best but just being able to be in charge of what hundreds of people are listening to, it is nice. I do not have an ego or anything but it is nice.
EF: I feel you. Is there anything you struggled with before joining KJHK that you are now better at?
EG: Talking and conversing with people. I think having to DJ and being on air helped a lot even though I still ramble. If you ever listen to my show, it is like, “I do not know what is going on. I am tired. It is dark out. I think it is gray.” It is just a lot of rambling but it is better than it used to be.

EF: Yeah, I feel your pain. I definitely struggle with conversation too. Describe your taste in music and what you play during your DJ shift.
EG: Well, currently, Jazz. That is it. That is not what I listen to though. That is just what I play because, you know, theme show and all that. But I listen to just about everything. Very few things I do not listen to. Usually, I do not listen to Country. I can deal with Country but I do not willingly listen to it. I will listen to Classical. I will listen to Jazz. I will listen to Oldies. I will listen to Punk. I will listen to Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and all of the sub-genres, so just about everything.
EF: So who are some of your favorite artists?
EG: One of my favorites definitely is Adam Warrock, who is a Hip Hop artist who covers mainly nerdy stuff, comic books, TV shows, stuff like that. I also really like The Beatles. I am trying to think of something else from another genre that I can throw in there. Devo. I really like Devo.

Ethan Graham Off the MicEF: Devo. That is a good one. Describe yourself in three words.
EG: Ooh.
EF: I know, this is the worst possible question you could ask someone.
EG: No, this is good. I have two already.
EF: Usually people struggle with this question.
EG: I have got “nerd.” I have got “funny.” Can it be a hyphenated word?
EF: Yeah, go for it.
EG: I was going to say “good-looking” but that would be hyphenated.
EF: That works.

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