Moonrise Meditation–The Lavender House

Walking up the drive, I take in all that is in front of me and I am surprised to find that the “Lavender House” is indeed a light shade of purple, rather lavender. A crumbling cobblestone sidewalk lines the left side of the houssign od mediatatione, and to the right, you are lead to the backyard. There around a fire is where the meditation was held.

Robin Goff was speaking about Earth Day and his words reflected the idea of connecting oneself with the Earth. Chairs circled the fire encompassing it and we all started to talk, waiting for everyone who would show. There was mix of older people, amongst college age students like myself, and a few college graduates. When we began the mediation, everyone started taking off their shoes and closing their eyes. Allowing their feet to contact the ground in order to feel the energy that flows from Earth to oneself.Meditation fire

Robin was our leader for the mediation and her message definitely struck a chord with me. I was brought to tears when she began talking about the topic of unconditional love because she described all the things humans we struggle with daily. The meditation felt like a pulse of energy through me, yet allowed room for clarity. Robin gave me the opportunity to think about what had been bothering me, and by being in a group, I felt utterly supported by their energy.

I am definitely a skeptic and was surprised by just how much I enjoyed the meditation. Although it was hard for me to relax at first, I learned to allow her words to takeover. I think by doing just that, I achieved a peace that is very hard  to find. I would suggest this to anyone who struggles with anxiety or simply is in need of a little peace. Being at the Lavender House, there is an acceptance that I have never felt anywhere else.

At the end of the meditation, we all put our shoes on and talked about what the recent experience taught us by going around in a circle. Then, shortly after, food was brought out and we all shared in some chatting and treats.


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