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Flipping Pages with Invincible #127

Invincible has been around for quite some time now, 13 years to be exact, and now we are getting a new chapter in the hero’s life.  

Mark Grayson, a.k.a. Invincible, gained his powers as a teenager due to his alien heritage, his father being an alien called a Viltrumite. He has been a member of several teams, as well as a leader to some of them. He has stopped intergalactic wars and an invasion of Earth, from his own people, the Viltrumites.  Now he and his wife, Atom Eve, live off-world with their daughter, Terra.  

Something happens and Mark ends up in the past, to the point before he had developed his powers, changed some things, and saved people who had died originally. But the one thing always on his mind was his family. He was away for a few weeks, and when given the choice of continuing the good work he was doing and going back, he chose his daughter, who would not have been the same even if he and Eve did get together again. Now, back in his own time, he has to figure out what is happening and put his life back together.  When he left, his daughter was still an infant, but on his return she is five or six. Eve, who had been somewhat uncomfortable with their move to their new home, fits in just fine with her alien neighbors and is actually quite happy there now. Mark decides that he no longer wanted to work with the Coalition of Planets, as he does not want to risk losing more time with his family.  Mark, Eve, and Terra, go away on vacation to a planet that Eve had created, where Mark learns that Eve has been seeing someone else in the five years he has been gone.  

This issue brings back the co-creators of the character, Robert Kirkman, known for The Walking Dead, and Cory Walker, who has done work for Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and others. Kirkman, as always, brings a fun and quirky feel to the superhero genre while keeping it heartfelt and genuine.  The story has all the complexity that you could want while keeping it light enough that you don’t get bogged down. Walker’s art is wonderful, in the emotional parts when Mark is crying and the time skip is really getting to him, it sort of makes you want to reach in and give him a hug and say everything will be fine. These two work very well together and the fact they created this character and this series shows that they clearly trust each other and play off one another very well.  


Title: Invincible

Issue No. 127

Publisher: Image

Release Date: April 20, 2016

Rating: 17+