College Republicans Provides Opportunities for GOP Students

With the election just a week away, interest in politics seems to be at an all-time high. And having such unique, polarizing candidates on the ballot, it’s hard to go 15 minutes without hearing Trump-this or Hillary-that.

Come Nov. 8, millions of people will cast their votes; and while the election seems to and may be out of reach for Republican Candidate Donald Trump, he will likely receive well over 40 percent of the popular vote. As a college student, especially one at the University of Kansas which sits nestled in the liberal haven of Lawrence, it’s difficult to hear the voice of the GOP. Oftentimes, you wonder if there are any conservative millennials around at all.

While a large portion of the country will turn-up at the polls to pledge support for the Republican Party, on campus, the GOP is certainly a minority voice. College Republicans, KU is an organization that exists to provide a space for conservative Jayhawks to talk, discuss ideas and come together to volunteer on campaigns they support.

Like many in my generation I am a registered independent, but I attended the latest meeting put on by the “CRs” to see what it was all about. I walked into a room with some thirty or more students who braved the storms and heavy rain to come together in the Kansas Union and hear from like-minded individuals. I was pleased to discover that there were two, local, Republican speakers who are playing a significant role in politics today.

First, we heard from Michelle Derusseau, a local GOP member looking to keep a Republican seat in the Douglas County Commission. Derusseau came to the Union to do a bit of campaigning and ask for volunteers within the College Republicans.

The second speaker was Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, who represents the second district of the state of Kansas in the U.S. House of Representatives. Like Derusseau, Jenkins was hoping to sign on some students to help with her campaign but also spoke at length about the current state and future of the GOP.

Following the meeting I had a fantastic conversation with the CR’s president, Adam Steinhilber, a third-year senior in political science at KU. Steinhilber and I discussed the political climate on campus and how the College Republicans make constant efforts to work with students on “the other side of the aisle.”

If you’re interested in joining College Republicans, KU or simply attending one of their meetings to hear a speaker, you can follow them on Twitter or contact Adam Steinhilber.

8:00 pm on Election night (Nov. 8) we will be broadcasting this story and more live for our election special. Be sure to tune in!

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