Mighty Good Authentic Tamales

You say potato, I say patato. You say tomato, I say Tamale! Or perhaps something to that extent…

Mighty Tamales is located directly across the street from Dillon’s Grocery Store at 1801 Massachusetts Street. This mighty fine establishment is one of the newest additions to our local grub scene containing authentic recipes of Mexican style cuisine. Believe me when I say, it is quite the pleasurable experience.

I knew the food couldn’t be a let down as soon as I heard that the family-run restaurant had run out entirely of their divine dishes twice already this week!

Understanding that this is a newly operating restaurant in town, my stomach finally settled down realizing I needed to be patient. Instead of sending me off into the abyss confused, alone, and hungry; the owners insisted on gifting me with a 25% discount upon my next return.

Like clockwork, I returned two nights later with an armful of companions to gather a full-scope sample of these corn-based treasures.

dsc_0585Upon arrival, we were undoubtedly greeted with the utmost kind and sincere service. The chips and salsa arrived piping hot with a beautiful puffy texture similar to biting into a sopapilla with the perfect amount of outside crunchy layer. Now I personally prefer a wee bit of salt on my chips but these treats were sprinkled with just the right amount.

I know the next question begging to be answered is about the quality of the hot level salsas. This salsa had a title of “Crazy Hot”. I can confirm from my tamale companions that it is especially authentic tasting with a pleasant smokey afterglow. It was best described as a “creeper” salsa that sneaks up on you. This recipe combination makes this restaurant worthy of return for just the chips and salsa. With all veggies pre-roasted and a few secret ingredients that the owner wasn’t able to share (believe me I asked), fit for any salsa connoisseur.

dsc_0587As a non-meat eating citizen, I was unable to try the tamales as the vegetarian tamales had sold out for the day with them being such a big hit with the veg-heads! Instead I opted for a veggie taco with a side of rice and beans. The entree arrived very similarly to the deliciously warm tortilla/sopapilla chips, puffed up and impressively garnished.

My pals gave the super cheap margaritas a try where they were made fresh right before their eyes. The secret
ingredient to these lush refreshments was found in just a splash of orange juice. You won’t find any margarita mix bottles at this joint! These babies are freshly lime squeezed adult beverages.

dsc_0595My buddy Alex and Danny gave the Pork Tamales a gander and reported the corn of the tamales as perfection.

Mighty Tamales distinguishing feature is the perfect amount of filler inside the tamale. They definitely don’t skimp here!

Though the menu is more limited in options, the cook is able to specialize with certain dishes. Unlike many other Mexican restaurants, you won’t leave here feeling like an overstuffed cow, the portions are generous but not over-indulgent. Just how I like it!

Don’t forget to check their secret menu items posted within their social media platforms. If you want a low-key relaxing atmosphere with the service of a neighborhood restaurant, this is a warm place to visit this winter!