Albin Lee Meldau: Lovers

Swedish artist Albin Lee Meldau has provided a five-track record loaded with feeling. Within the first few seconds of listening to the first track, “Let Me Go,” the listener is confronted with Albin’s uniquely sweet and low voice tantalizing their earbuds with his highs and lows. Reminiscent of blues and singer-songwriter eras, “Lovers” is hauntingly real. Even in tracks like “Lou Lou” where there is a repetitive lull, you’re still drawn in by the way the words resonate and take on a new story even though he might not necessarily be saying anything new. Not to mention, the stories told within the five tracks provided are touchy, tragic, and terrific all at the same time. Overall, Lovers is an EP that serves to showcase Meldau’s vocal prowess and sets a good foundation to grow a fanbase and preface any future releases.

Recommended If You Like: Gary Clark Jr., Foy Vance, Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Recommended Tracks: 1(Let Me Go), 5(Bloodshot – Demo)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 02/06/2017