Bad Suns: Away We Go – Single

Breaking ground with a crisp acoustic piano sound, Bad Suns opens up the era of their untitled 3rd album with a depart from their earlier style. In albums past, the band has had a definitive opening style to their songs, either coming in strong with a guitar riff or resounding drum beat that establishes the song. With “Away we Go,” we can already see change approaching.

The question listeners have to wait and find out is this: What does this change comprise of?
So far, with this first single release the style Bad Suns is leaning towards has a strong likeness to the early British Rock era. This might be divisive amongst fans of their earlier works, but only time can tell. Older listeners might miss their signature synth in this single. There is the hope that in growing with this new era of music, the band also maintains just enough of what made them so successful to begin with.

It’s a thin line to tread, but I have a feeling fans of Bad Suns have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months.

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Recommended Tracks: 1 (Away We Go)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 11/13/2018

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