Castlecomer: All of the Noise

All of the Noise reveals dance-fueled tracks that are highly dependent on a high energy guitar and drum combo. You can hear their influences oozing through the verses, and then you find their originality in the structure of the song. The way the songs are set up bring in the listener with guitar riffs that are in both parts dynamic and framing the lead vocalist as he expertly winds through the verses. Once the band hits the chorus, you see where their focus is. Bede, the lead vocalist, puts the feeling into words, saying “I wanted a chorus that could really soar high and feel like it could lose control, but the bass and drums keep it grounded and running.” This is wonderfully achieved in and out of the 5 tracks presented. Specifically, “Fire Alarm” and “The Noise” show off how this set-up can be pulled off in more ways than one. Overall, this band has its strengths, but I’m already looking more towards their future and what else they might be able to pull off.

Recommended If You Like: Autoheart, CRUISR, Last Dinosaurs
Recommended Tracks: 1(Fire Alarm), 2 (The Noise), 5(Escapism)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 02/14/2017

KJHK 90.7 FM