Wilderado: Morning Light – Single

As a single, “Morning Light” does alright on it’s own. Some portions of the song may be overdone or repetitive, such as the “whoop” first introduced in the beginning. However, after getting through a few “whoo’s” and “ooh’s” you’re greeted with lead vocalist, Maxim Rainer’s voice, crooning out lyrics that make you reminiscent of road-trips you’ve never been on that are as endless as the horizon. The strummed guitar and drum work on this track, performed by Tyler Wimpee and Justin Kila, justify the listen and do well to blend the folk and rock genre. Overall, “Morning Light” is a good track, but not the best example of what the band has to offer. For a better collection of Wilderado’s sound, I’d recommend their 5 track LP, Latigo which features “Morning Light.”

Recommended If You Like: Bear Hands, Augustines, Elliot Root
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Morning Light)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 02/14/2017

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