Future Politics puts out syncopated fast tracks that keep the listener tuned in. Austra utilizes these entrancing rhythms to highlight injustices in our world and the ways in which we can help our situation through the use of human compassion and kindness. They’re able to take a stance in the world of music while also lending a casual ear to some expression of talent and airy vocals.

A couple tracks to note on the album include “Future Politics” and “I Love You More Than You Love Yourself.” These two highlight the musical prowess behind lead singer Katie Stelmanis’s vocals and keyboarding talent. They also feature gripping back-beats that entangle you within the first few seconds of listening.

Looking at Future Politics as a album and performance piece, it is without a doubt a driving force that shows off ethereal waves of vocals followed by electronic beats that swell and overtake you with each track.

Recommended If You Like: Chairlift, Grimes, The Knife
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Future Politics), 5 (I Love You More Than You Love Yourself)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Savannah Adams on 03/07/2017

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