Old 97s: Graveyard Whistling

Old 97’s have a lot of content to offer, with a discography that now includes 11 titles to dive into. Graveyard Whistling is a testament to their dedication to music with what feels like an ode to the Wild West. It’s deep and real but also pitched and distorted. The album coveys this sense of travel and hurriedness to the destination. We may not know where we’re going but as the first title puts it: “I Don’t Wanna Die In This Town.” It’s a matter of breaking free.

Notably remarkable, the Old 97s have managed to stay intact through all of these years with the original four members. This interplay of longevity and newness are both present in this album and makes for a varied listen in style and direction. Songs such as “Good With God” and “Turns Out I’m Trouble” show this detachment and individuality to each song. With that being said, putting it all together in an album just plain works. Through the differences the Old 97s manage to wind a common thread through each track that come together, much like train tracks on a railroad.

Overall, Graveyard Whistling gives the listener a chance to break away and think of far away places that provide much more exciting storylines and outlooks.

Recommended If You Like: The Jayhawks, The Bottle Rockets, The Sadies
Recommended Tracks: 1 (I Don’t Wanna Die In This Town), 3 (All Who Wander), 6 (She Hates Everybody)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Savannah Adams on 03/08/2017

KJHK 90.7 FM