Father John Misty: Pure Comedy – Single

Josh Tillman or Father John Misty has come to deliver a message in his upcoming album Pure Comedy. The single “Pure Comedy” is enough to set the stage for listeners and let them know what to expect for the LP. His previous works have ranged from serious to comical to love-fueled tracks.

However, with “Pure Comedy” Tillman leans more towards his serious side. He doesn’t shy away from current events, politics, religion, or any controversial topic. He directly addresses the condition of man, nudging to the listener as if he sings from the perspective of someone looking over the globe. What I admire about it is Tillman’s use of his platform to address how he feels we have fallen. He essentially calls out current and future politics and religions, and at points, comes across as dogmatic. It’s social commentary as an art form, and it’s likely not for everyone

Summed up: “Pure Comedy” looks at a depressingly ironic view of the existence of man, takes that feeling, and generates an accurately reflective single.

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Recommended Tracks: 1 (Pure Comedy)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 03/26/2017

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