Off the Mic: Madeline Connor

Name: Madeline Connor

Position: DJ

DJ Shift: Sunday 6-9 PM, Rotation shows

Year: Freshman

Majors: Chemical Engineering

Hobbies: Cooking, playing guitar

Jacob McCabe: So, you don’t have a DJ name?

Madeline Connor: Nope! I couldn’t think of one that fits well, and it felt weird to come up with a new name.

JM: I completely understand that! I couldn’t come up with a good one. So, first “real” question: What is your favorite song or artist currently?

MC: Oh, that’s not easy at all. Can I pick a few?

JM: Of course! We have to ask the hard-hitting questions.

MC: Great. I’m into a lot of stuff and it’s constantly changing, obviously, but I’m definitely a big fan of Sonic Youth and Die Antwoord.

JM: How would you describe your childhood?

MC: Uh…good. Haha! I went to school, I did ballet and gymnastic for a bit, though I wasn’t very good. Childhood things, you know.

JM: What is your favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

MC: Oh, Burger Stand is the best. Hands down.

JM: What is your favorite music venue in Lawrence? Do you go out to local shows very often?

MC: Yeah! I like the Granada, of course. That’s where I’ve seen most of the shows since moving to Lawrence. It’s definitely an…interesting place, to say the least.

JM: If you could have any animal as a pet, but it would be automatically domesticated, what would it be?

MC: Hm. Maybe an aardvark or something like that. Even though I feel like I would be the worst roommate in the world, that’s what I would choose. Or some sort of big rodent would be cool.

JM: What is your favorite movie or TV show of all time? You can –

MC: Pulp Fiction.

JM: Oh, so that wasn’t hard for you at all!

MC: Absolutely. That’s not as hard a choosing a favorite band.

JM: What made you want to join KJHK?

MC: Well, I have an older sister that goes to KU, and I had heard of the station before. I really like how KJHK isn’t at all like other stations. Mainstream radio doesn’t like to take chances with new music, and here at KJ, we really succeed at that. I also like how it supports the local arts community.

JM: Do you remember your first day at the studio? I like to ask that question.

MC: My first day, I remember that I was prerecorded, and it was overnight from like 3 to 6 am. I arrived, but I didn’t know how to do anything. I went through training, but I wasn’t listening too well, so I had to interrupt our fearless leader (Mason Kilpatrick) several times to ask how to do certain things.

JM: Do you have any plans for the end of the school year or summer, yet?

MC: Honestly, I’m probably just going to work, however unglamorous that is. It would be cool to take a road trip with friends, just for the sake of doing it. Who knows?

JM: Lastly, what do you want the listeners to know about you?

MC: It gets lonely in the studio, so call me at (785) 864-4747 and request a song.