Joseph Of Mercury: Joseph Of Mercury

Joseph of Mercury, classified as a singer/songwriter, has released his first self-titled EP. It’s an unexpected listen, as Joseph Salusbury –the man behind the moniker– leads the listener through each song with vocals that wrap you up in a deep richness that lends back to the style of the crooners of the 50s. The melodies and instrumentals twist and turn, entangling themselves with Joseph’s highs and lows. One of the best examples of his range and production is found on “Angel”. The chorus is seemingly simple, “I knew then, that’s why I took your hand and I told you that .. you were an angel, you were an angel, and I could never live in a world that didn’t have angels.” However, through the delivery of the lines, the passion and fervent emotion behind the lyrics are bursting forth, saying much more than the words on paper could ever single-handedly convey. Other tracks to note include “Tarot” and “Without Words”, both echoing different sentiments of alternative style.

Joseph of Mercury is, to put it simply, talented. His EP is well worth the listen and has a varied style. The genre behind the title is generically labelled as alternative pop, but has more depth to it than meets the eye. The end result is an EP packed with talent, electronic fun, and sweet style.

Recommended If You Like: Tor Miller, Future Islands, Zola Blood
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Without Words), 3 (Tarot), 4 (Angel)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 09/17/2017

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