KJHK Q&A w/ Ben Leeper

Ben Leeper

Grade: Junior

Major: Political Science and Microbiology

KJHK Position: Communications Director



Cayden: What is your title here at KJHK?

Ben: My title here at KJHK is Communications Director.

C: Alright and what all does that entail for you?

B: Communications Director involves overseeing some executive staff members. So, I oversee the social media director, community engagement director and our production director. In addition, inside our communications wing of the station, I also work hand-in-hand with the technology director and technology assistant. I do a lot more than that, too. I also coordinate all of the underwriting for the station and I also coordinate all of the ticket giveaway and event co-sponsorships.

C: What is your involvement with tabling at a specific venue?

B: As far as tabling for shows at like, the Granada or other venues in Lawrence, I contact these venues and we reach out and say ‘Hey, we would like to table at your show.’ That is also when we would coordinate ticket giveaways.

C: How many hours do you think you put into this station per week?

B: I’m scheduled to be putting in probably 10 hours per week, but all-in-all I usually end up putting in about 12 or more hours a week here at the station. Just making sure everything is moving kind of smoothly.

C: Everyday has got to be different for you, what’re your usual goals day-in-and-out?

B: No two days are the same. I do have a lot of structured reception hour times where I sit at the front desk. What I’m usually doing when I’m sitting there is answering emails, coordinating a lot of the underwriting work we do and also writing a lot of the content that our production staff produces on a weekly basis. Additionally, I do spend a lot of time in meetings. So, I have three, one hour long meetings with different people here at the station every single week. Outside of that, I also do a lot of work importing the traffic for our DJ’s.

C: Outside of staff members, what’s the range of people you coordinate and communicate with?

B: I do actually talk a lot about KJHK when I’m outside of KJHK. That’s typically with businesses and other Lawrence entities because I coordinate all of the underwriting KJHK puts on. Those are like donor-promotional spots that inform the public about different businesses. I’ve walked down Mass Street before just handing out flyers, introducing myself, talking about KJHK and trying to get some interest in the station. We also work with a lot of student groups on campus. Often the role I take with that is connecting them to the right kind of resource.

C: What’s your favorite part of your title?

B: That’s a good question. One of my favorite parts about being communications director is I get such a great bird’s eye view of all these different areas that impact the station. It’s really nice when people come to me asking for my advice, asking if I have any ideas for the station in general.

C: So, it’s more up your alley of being the all-seeing eye?

B: I certainly enjoy the big picture kind of things. I really enjoy watching all of these different components come together and form this entity that is KJHK which is, just kind of cool, you know?

C: Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

B: I think you did a pretty good job, man.

C: Alright if you’re all set I’m all set, thank you Ben.

B: I am good to go.

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