HOLY: All These Worlds Are Yours

All These Worlds Are Yours is HOLY’s sophomore album, and provides an ethereal listening experience. The instrumentation feels like it’s a controlled experiment. The sound production is polished and well-put together but still feels organically made, like a mesh of noise weaved into a tapestry of functional sound. One such instance of the resulting flow can be heard in the transitions between songs. The songs come to an unnoticed conclusion, slipping into a fade-out of one song into the fade-in of another. It sounds like a well-constructed but chaotic dance of sorts. Some of the better songs on the album include “all these worlds are yours,” and “Heard Her.” In this case, the term better meaning they contain a little more substance in terms of rock guitar, vocals, and melody that could stand apart from ambient listening. Altogether, HOLY’s album stands pretty well on its own. As for when to listen, students might find it to be just what they need to put on in the background to zone in and out of while studying for midterms.

Recommended If You Like: Pale Honey, Mattias Alkberg
Recommended Tracks: 6 (all these worlds are yours)
Do Not Play: n/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 03/06/2018

KJHK 90.7 FM