Fresh off the suburban streets of Ontario, the band Dizzy has released their first album. Previous releases (starting in 2017) include “Stars and Moons” and “Swim,” which are also included in their final product, Baby Teeth. The band is comprised of Alex, Charlie, and Mackenzie Spencer (three brothers) and Katie Munshaw, the lead vocalist and friend. Strongly reminiscent of Echosmith, their sound is indie/electronic with an extremely chill-hop backbeat. The central theme of their album deals with coming-of-age in a somewhat average suburbia. There are some fun entries into this album worth the listen, including “Backstroke” and “Bleachers.” Free-flowing melodies bring forth intoxicating dream synth, smoothly guiding listeners to rest and relaxation.

The album is worth at least one listen through, and has more than a few songs that may well end up on a “Chill Indie” playlist in the days to come.

Recommended If You Like: Echosmith, SHAED, Milk & Bone
Recommended Tracks: Backstroke, Bleachers
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 08/28/2018

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