Hellogoodbye: I’ll Keep on Following You – Single

It has been five years since Hellogoodbye’s last album release, Everything is Debatable. It was a long and arduous silence that left some fans wondering if they were coming back. Their silence was abruptly ended with the first single release, “S’Only Natural.” Since that first release around 8 weeks ago, the band has been releasing one single per week in anticipation for their album, which was announced without much fanfare for Oct. 5th.

Of the various singles released, “I’ll Keep on Following You” calls back to the Would it Kill You? era with its smooth and gentle lyrics. It’s apparent the amount of time between albums has only allowed room for improvement in terms of production. “I’ll Keep on Following You” is a song that caresses its listener with a seamless integration of instrumentation and vocals. It seems as if the background music was made for frontman Forrest Kline’s voice, as the two fit together, moving and grooving for the 3 minute and 48 second duration of the song. There is so much simple beauty in the lyrics, albeit describing a serious dedication to love. Delivery of these lyrics, on the other hand, is urgent but calm in approach. The art in creating this song can be easily appreciated in one listen. The entrancing tune, however, can keep listeners around for many more play-throughs to come.

All in all, Hellogoodbye has given its listeners a masterful easy listening track in preparation for their new album, S’Only Natural, to be released on October 5th.

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Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 10/03/2018