Ad Astra aired April 10th so the Arts and Culture staff decided to connect all of their episodes this week to something that occurred on April 10th. Some of the connections are a stretch, but nonetheless, a connection.

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With Great Gatsby Comes Great Responsibility

Hey, old sport! Did you know that the Great Gatsby was published on April 10th 1925? Karsan talks about the owl-eyed man, the escapades of Daisy and Gatsby and most importantly Nick…or Peter?

April Celebrations of Faith

Easter, Passover and Lailat al Miraj. All major religious holidays in April. Chris examines each of these holidays’ origins and celebrations. While Christianity, Judaism and Islam are often at odds with one another, Chris shows how these holidays are really quite similar.

Gaypril 10th

Gaypril, a celebration of gay pride. Grace talks with several friends about the celebrations on campus and what the month means. Are gay pride celebrations always genuine? Or is it becoming a capitalistic endeavor?

April 10th: Haley Joel Osment to Steven Seagal

The first time you watch the “Sixth Sense” you’re stunned by the performance of the little kid. That kid, is Haley Joel Osment…and he was born on April 10th. Listen to see how Trevor connects Haley Joel Osment to fellow April 10th born Steven Seagal.

The Bigger Picture with Joanna Beard

In this episode of the Bigger Picture, Kris sat down with local artist Joanna Beard. They talk about Beard’s artistic approach and methods of creation. The April 10th tie…well it’s a bit of a stretch.

30,000 Stories: Andrew

This week on 30,000 Stories, Kate interviews a fellow senior, Andrew. They talk about Sibling Day (4/10) and growing up in the JoCo bubble. Andrew talks about going to school where his dad went, and what he’s learned in his four years here at KU.