I Ranked the Top 10 Gas Stations in Lawrence, Because It’s My God-Given Right

(Luke Steinle/KJHK)

10. Kwik Shop, 3440 W. 6th

Kwik Shop is always a solid choice. Though each location is different, good Kwik Shops are great and bad Kwik Shops are still fine. Fuel points are a blessing if you do your shopping at Dillon’s. It’s better than any gas station in the immediate area.

9. Circle K, 1802 W. 23rd

This Circle K is not the best in town, but it’s next to a Freddy’s and it’s got everything you could expect from a gas station. Circle K’s, similar to Kwik Shops typically vary greatly depending on location. This one is very average.

8. Kwik Shop, 1846 Massachusetts St.

Again, Kwik Shop is often pretty reliable, and this is one of the good ones. It’s clean, it’s on Mass St. and it’s got everything you expect from a gas station. If you’re looking for a gas station on Mass St, this is the one you should go to.

7. Casey’s, 1703 W. 6th St.

Casey’s is always a solid gas station. Casey’s is known for its pizza and other good food. The food is above average when compared to other gas station chains, but Lawrence has some great spots that outcompete it for higher spots.

6. Conoco on 1801 W. 2nd

This Conoco is a really nice place. It’s right on the way out of town if you’re going out on I-70. It feels homey and inviting. Other than that, this Conoco is pretty average, but it’s nice to have a gas station out there.

5. Hy-Vee, 3905 W. 24th

I was first introduced to Hy-Vee at Late Night in the Phog, through constant product placement. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first stepped into this Hy-Vee. There is a good selection of snacks for the size of this gas station without making it too cramped. The beer is clearly marked in the back with a big sign that says “beer”, earning it a decent rank.

4. Circle K, 2330 Iowa St.

Circle K is a quality gas station. It’s very clean with plenty of pumps. It’s in the middle of town on Iowa, and it has similar snack selection to Hy-Vee. However, the entire gas station complex is larger, and in a better location. There are more pumps and there is a larger selection of items in the store. Additionally, the service is always quick and pleasant.

3. Miller Mart, 2301 Wakarusa Dr.

Miller Mart is a very high-quality gas station. It has the small town feeling only an independent gas station can provide. The view from the acropolis which holds Miller Mart is beautiful. It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s right next to a liquor store, securing number 3 on this list.

2. Quick Stop, 1000 W. 23rd

Behold the falafel, a shining pearl of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, and for the first time ever, bought and sold at a gas station. Quick Stop is a locally owned gas station and Mediterranean restaurant. Yes, that’s a real business that exists, and it’s awesome. The food is good, and they have everything else that would be expected from a gas station. Quick Stop is also right next to Cirilla’s giving it an adjacency bonus. I love this place. I just went there for the first time and it was absolutely magical. Quick Stop’s innovation has earned it number two on this list.

1. QuikTrip, 1020 E. 23rd

Every Quick Trip is an experience to behold. It starts with the gas. There are plenty of pumps. You will never have to awkwardly wait in your car to get gas at this establishment. The store is clean as a whistle right down to the bathrooms. The snack selection is absolute class. QuikTrip offers not only a wide variety of packaged snacks and cold beverages, but also a great selection of hot food with hot dogs on rollers and a snack bar in the back. You can get a churro and a chocolate milk and sit on the curb and enjoy the morning sunrise.

QuikTrip earned the number one spot on this list, because it is the most well rounded. You can get everything your heart desires at QuikTrip. This gas station strives to be more than just a gas station. QuikTrip is a fine eatery, a must have for the beginnings of a road trip, and the absolute pinnacle of gas station convenience.

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