KJHK Charts & Adds – Week 3/4/2014


Temples reach the top spot this week!

KJHK Charts & Adds 2/25/2014


Drowners have drowned out the competition this week!

Matt Pryor

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 6.03.37 PM

Local musician and former member of The Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor, stopped into the station and performed three new acoustic songs.

KJHK’s Top Albums of the Year


The top albums of the year according to KJHK!

King of the Tramps

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 12.04.05 AM

King of the Tramps stopped by KJHK and performed four songs. Set List: 1. Old Doc 2. Good People 3. Fresh Green Light of Day 4. Wicked Mountain Check out more in-studios from Live @ KJHK by subscribing to our YouTube Channel: KJHKLive from taylor umbrell

Charts & Adds – 11/19/2013


Arcade Fire takes the number one spot!

KJHK Charts – Week 11/12/2013


Your Friend and the Dead Girls are back to back on the charts this week, continuing the local music domination

KJHK Charts – 11/5/2013


Your Friend is KJHK’s number one friend for a second week in a row

Fear (of) Change – 10/31


This special Halloween edition of Ad Astra Radio presents subjects of fear, change and the fear of change.

KJHK Charts – 10/29/2013


Local music rules the airwaves as Your Friend. takes number one!