photo by Benji Bloom
photo by Benji Bloom/KJHK

When Sasami Hayworth and her touring bandmates came to Lawrence, they didn’t just walk down Massachusetts Street like most, but instead went to Clinton Lake for a quick swim.

“We kind of reached the consensus that we want to try to jump in as many rivers or lakes as possible on this tour,” Hayworth said.

From adventurous excursions, to her morning routine and portable water kettle, Hayworth knows how to tour. And she ought to after years of touring with Cherry Glazerr and other bands.

Now on tour with Snail Mail, SASAMI is a powerhouse of energy with evocative lyricism and instrumentals. The woman behind the music, just as interesting.

SASAMI sat down with KJHK’s Cami Koons to talk about her thoughts on the Yeehaw Movement, sustainability while touring, new music projects in the works and more. Listen to the full interview with Hayworth here, or stream where you get your podcasts.