Alexis Peterson

Off The Mic: Alexis Peterson

Off The Mic

Alexis PetersonAlexis Peterson

DJ Shift: Sunday Rotation, 7 to 9pm
Hometown: Topeka, Kansas
Major: Strategic Communication
Minor: Business
Year: Senior in her last semester
Favorite Color: Blue but wears a lot of black.
Favorite shows: Twin Peaks, Ace of Cakes, Love or List it, Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, and The Office
Favorite Super Hero: Spiderman (Andrew Garfield)
Three words to describe herself: Sarcastic. Nice. Laid back.


Flammy Huo: What do you normally do for KJHK? What are your major contributions to KJHK?
Alexis Peterson: I just do rotation now but my first semester as a DJ was two semesters ago. When I actually started DJing, I was a Breakfast for Beat lovers’ DJ and then this last semester I was a rotation DJ as well. I was a member of the Live Music Committee for two years before that and now I’m on Street Team.

Alexis PetersonFH: Cool! So what made you want to be a part of KJHK?
AP: I actually was on SUA through Live Music. Then I met people on KJ and they were really cool and really fun. I was like, “Oh, DJing sounds really cool.” I really want to do something with music once I’m done with school. So having this experience is gonna help me with my future career hopefully.

FH: You said you want to do something with music? What specifically do you want to do after college?
AP: I just want to work for a record label. That’d be pretty awesome, like in promotions or anything. This summer I worked for a radio station in Nashville and I realized I really don’t know if I want to do radio. It was cool getting that experience though.

FH: Since you’re a DJ, what kind of music do you like and what kind of music do you normally play?
AP: It’s a wide range. I usually always play Vampire Weekend because they’re my favorite band. I also play Strokes, Mac Demarco all the time, Tobias Jesso Jr., Phoenix and more of that genre.

FH: Like alternative? I like Vampire Weekend a lot too. Have you been to their concerts?
AP: I’ve seen them five times. I love them a lot.

Alexis PetersonFH: If you could describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?
AP: I love dogs but I’m not energetic. I would probably be more like a cat. I’m allergic to cats so I never compare myself to cats. I like to compare myself to dogs so I’d say a dog for sure. Maybe a dog who just likes to sleep all day. So like a puppy because they sleep a lot. Not energetic as a puppy though so maybe like an old dog.

FH: What is your favorite your KJHK memory?
AP: I think it would be when we brought Real Estate a couple years ago because I really love Real Estate. They’re one of my favorite bands so it was really awesome that we got to bring them. And just anytime I am DJing and people call in and say, “Wow, you’re really doing a great job.” I really like it when people do that.

FH: What is your quest?
AP: To be happy, be nice, and be satisfied with whatever I’m doing. Because all the work I’m doing will hopefully pay off. I want to do something that I actually enjoy, so that’d be nice.

Alexis PetersonFH: What is your proudest accomplishment?
AP: I met Jack White from The White Stripes. That’s my biggest accomplishment. When I was in Tennessee this summer, in Nashville, he was inducted into a Walk of Fame downtown. He lives there. He has his record label based out of Nashville. He was getting inducted the first week I was there, and I was all by myself. I met Jack White and I shook his hand. He’s done a million things. I really enjoy him a lot. I’d love to work for his record label, but that would take a lot of work. Hopefully one day. He does a bunch of solo stuff now and he’s a great guy.

FH: What would you sing at a Karaoke night?
AP: Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.