Three Headed Thursday : Hyborian, Runaway Sons, Dead Bars


Every Thursday evening the Replay Lounge hosts three brilliant local and/or touring musical acts to play a brief set on the bar room stage for an event called Three Headed Thursdays. This Thursday on 27 October the three bands were Hyborian, Runaway Sons, and Dead Bars.

The night started suddenly as the sound of distortion and rapid chord strumming ripped from inside the three towering amps that stood behind the band members on stage. Hyborian, a four piece heavy metal band from Kansas City, played their instruments furiously as the decibel meter behind the sound control booth fluctuated rapidly, reaching heights of 165 decibels. Within the surging sound was deep bass

Runaway Sons setting up on stage

accompanied by intense cracking snare hits and the clatter of the semi open hi-hat. The drummer and bassist laid the framework for the guitarist and singer as he shouted furiously through the microphone. Fans heads bobbed up and down to the sound of the powerful rhythm through the entire set. As Hyborian closed and began moving their instruments from the stage, the next act, Runaway Sons, began setting up theirs. The band started perfect synchronization with one another and played a set of about seven songs. It was evident that each was heavily rehearsed. Vocalist of the band, Jimmy Wing, added intense energy to the show as he stormed around the stage. Wing, microphone in hand, posted himself on top

Runaway Sons

of a sound box to the side of the stage as he led the band through the chorus of the song. Seattle Washington based band, Dead Bars, stopped in Lawrence to close the evening out at Three Headed Thursdays as they toured their way down to Florida. The five person punk rock band played song after song of fast paced and energetic music. The crowd head banged along to the rhythm as they followed the lead of singer, John Maiello, who raged on stage amidst the crowd. The band played an outrageous

Dead Bars

show even despite the 20 hour drive that awaited them immediately afterwards.


The next Three Headed Thursday will be taking place at Replay Lounge on November 3rd at 10:oo PM and will consist of Up The Funx!, Stone Grower, and Braingea will be the artists performing.






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