The Ovaries Eez Moon Birth

The Ovaries-eez : Moon Birth Release Show

Tuesday, January 6th, folk trio, The Ovaries-eez, released their newest album titled “Moon Birth. Band members Johni Lacore, Amber Hansen, and Monica George have been developing the album over the past year. It was released by Whatever Forever and recorded and produced by Dual Diamonds.

The release was celebrated with a performance hosted at Lawrence record store, Love GardenThe evening began with a set by Lawrence acoustic folk musician, Angie Schoenherr. Following was musician Teri Quinn, from Kansas City. Both acts led up to a much anticipated set performed by The Ovaries-eez who were accompanied by Jim Martin and Brett Grady of band, Cloud Dog. Grady accented the trio’s dreamy, vocal heavy performance using his viola; Martin did so with brushes on a minimal drum kit.

The album is deeply vocal and lyrically intensive, often bringing up ideas of social change, personal connection, and everyday struggles. The songs are accompanied by gentle, finger picked guitar and light accentual drum rhythm.

The complete album can be found at the Whatever Forever Bandcamp page: “” as well as at Love Garden Sounds on Massachusetts Street in downtown Lawrence.