Kamasi Washington: Harmony of Difference

Kamasi Washington has done it yet again with his new EP. Harmony of Difference is arguably one of the best pieces of modern jazz since the Los Angeles native’s 2015 triple LP, The Epic. The main difference between these two projects, however, is that Washington really begins to show his strengths as a composer.

The EP starts off with a simple yet intriguing bass line on “Desire,” followed by the rest of the group joining in on the fun. At this point, the listener is already hooked by all the classic sounds jazz fans have loved for decades. On “Humility” Washington creates an exciting and strong big-band tune, and then brings in a beautiful melody on “Knowledge.” The peak of Washington’s composing abilities is shown on “Perspective,” with the mysterious interlude leading into the funky and groovy melody.

To simply put it, Washington seems to have it all figured out. It’s not to say that he has broken down the complicated science that is jazz, but rather Washington has seemingly figured out how to let the music write itself and be as natural as possible. The chemistry between all the band members throughout the EP is at an all-time high—the ability to seamlessly work together so well does nothing but strengthen the new project. Kamasi Washington’s work shows he has been passed the “jazz” torch and plans on keeping it for a long time.

Recommended If You Like: Thundercat, John Coltrane, Miles Davis
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Desire), 4 (Perspective), 6 (Truth)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Griffin Lowry on 10/18/2017